why choose Quickie Deliveries

Quickie Deliveries is setting benchmark by offering Door Delivery Service to the clients. We are engaged in rendering service of domestic courier service in Ghana. Because of our depth knowledge in this field we have huge associates and broad networks. We prefer to satisfy our customer in terms and conditions that is our best service.

Whether your business needs simple or complex delivery tasks, a one-time or recurring courier projects, Quickie Deliveries should be your choice for all of your delivery service needs. We can deliver anything from an envelope to an elephant and are committed to your company, regardless of your industry.

other services

we provide are

Food pickup

Is your favorite restaurant not delivering? Don’t worry because Quickie Deliveries makes the delivery of food which you could only take out! We offer to you food delivery service where you can deliver food in any form through us and ensure its freshness. Our services include:

  • We deliver food from your home to anyplace in Accra and ensure its freshness
  • We make take out easy for you by collecting your order and delivering it home
  • We make sure that your food is not exposed and remains hygienic
  • We deliver as fast as humanly possible
  • Private errands

    We aim to help our customers stay on point by providing dependable on-demand same-day Errand services. ErrandBoy is primarily an errands service provider to help you through the busy times in your life. We will take responsibility for those errands you would prefer not to do and concentrate on more important things in your life.

    Business or Personal…Home or Office.

    laundry pickup, electronic repair, return & exchange,pharmacy runs, post & bank runs, personal deliverys.

    Pick & drop services

    Quickie is transforming the way things are picked up and dropped across the country. It allows things bought online examples are food, electronics, gifts, medicines, hair and body products, fabrics etc and lets these stuffs get picked up from your friend's or business places and delivered right at your doorstep or the recipient in minutes.

    Putting your trust in a pickup and delivery service will save you a lot of time. And as we all know, time is money. Eliminating the need for your employees to make last minute deliveries will give them time to work on other projects that matter more.

    Forget about manual process.

    Order delivery online.